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BEWARE! These Are The Dangers Of Sitting All Day At Work

A large number of Americans leave their homes just to go and sit somewhere for hours in some building. They spend the majority of their existence toiling away for a meager paycheck while someone else collects the bigger prize. No one is knocking hard work but everyone

What’s The Best Cushion For Tailbone Pain Relief?

It’s safe to say that a large number of people spend the majority of their days seated behind a desk. For that reason alone you might want to get an orthopedic seat cushion for tailbone pain relief. Think about it… After you’ve spent 5-7 hours on a

How Do You Get Rid Of Shin Splints From Walking Or Running?

If you’ve ever gotten shin splints form walking or running before, you know one thing for – it sucks! We’ve talked about the preventative measures that you can take to stop shin splints from messing up your mojo. But how do you get rid of shin splints

35 Crazy Myths About Removing Varicose Veins, #5 Is Ridiculous!

For many people, removing varicose veins is a big concern. After all, who wants to see legs with bulging veins on them? They’re visibly unattractive and can leave you feeling insecure. If you’re one of the millions of people that suffer from this condition, then chances are

How Does Compression Gear Improve Performance?

While compression socks are not going to cure issues with your limbs, recent trends indicate that they do offer some benefits. Within the realms of elite sports and fitness buffs, you will find these colorful skin-tight garments. Arm, leg and even full body compression clothing are everywhere

10 Dumb Myths About Compression Socks

Do compression socks help you with certain health issues? Of course, the science supports them. However, there are also things that the science doesn’t support. These are myths or claims by some manufacturers who have no factual evidence to support promises like “improved agility” or increase your