I received an email from Kyle recently asking about the best compression knee sleeve for squats.

Before I did my research for this article, I decided to chat with Kyle first via Skype. It was easier for me to get an idea about what he was looking for as well as find out a bit more about his routine.

Like many folks who do squats (do you even?), Kyle found himself experiencing discomfort in his knees. He mentioned that he had been using wraps as well as another brand of knee sleeve, both of which he purchased on Amazon.

rehband knee sleeves frontUnfortunately, the wraps proved to be restrictive and the knee sleeves turned out to be total crap. Naturally he was frustrated and wanted a solution, so I obliged his request.

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My chat with Kyle happened a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I did some digging and eventually purchased a pair of knee sleeves.

After speaking with folks at the local gym and reaching out to a few “power lifters” in the bodybuilding community, I settled on a pair of Rehband knee sleeves.

STOP!!! Before you read any further, let’s get one thing out of the way. These Rehband knee sleeves are not cheap. So if you’d prefer to protect your knees with a pair of cheap knee sleeves, skip this article. But I do wish you and your knees all the best.


The Best Compression Knee Sleeve Must Be High Quality & Functional

Rehband is a high-end company that makes quality products that last.

They also sponsor many athletes and international competitions. Furthermore, their products are made in Estonia and built like an Olympic weight-lifting barbell.

In short, they have a strong reputation of offering premium products.

Rehband has several different models of knee sleeves to choose from. For this article, I chose the Rehband knee sleeves model 7051. They came in an electric blue and looked amazing!

rehband knee sleeves 7mm

Apart from the color, another thing you’ll notice when you buy these compression knee sleeves, is the way they feel. The neoprene material is soft and smooth with just the right amount of thickness. In fact, the Rehband 7051 knee sleeve is 7mm thick.

There’s also no unnecessary straps or wraps to annoy you during your exercise routine.

These knee sleeves are specifically made to fit the natural shape and motion of your knees. The contouring shape makes for a snug fit and helps to support knee mobility. According to Rehband, these knee sleeves are considered to be a medical device. This is because of their anatomical construction and compression qualities.


Let’s Talk Sizing & Fit

Contrary to what your significant other may tell you, size matters (sorry, but honesty is the best policy). When it comes to the Rehband knee sleeves, bigger is not better.

Of course the first thing you need to do is measure yourself (btw I’m talking about your knees here).
If you don’t know how to measure your knees, this video will guide you through the steps.

After you’ve gotten your size, you can use the Rehband chart to determine which knee sleeves you should get.


rehband knee sleeves 7051 size chart

Based on feedback from other Rehband customers, and after I conducted the tests myself, I found that it’s best to go one size smaller than your actual measurements.

The reason you want to do this is to ensure that you have a snug fit all the time.

If you discover that you’re a large and buy a large, they’ll feel loose after you’ve worn them a few times. This won’t happen right away but it may happen a few months down the road.

This doesn’t mean the product is bad. It’s just something that happens to all compression sleeves or clothing.

What would make it bad would be if it lost it’s elastic support and made you feel like you were putting your leg through a piece of cloth or shorts.

So think about that when you’re getting a pair.

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*Note: The size suggestion is JUST a suggestion. You don’t have to follow it. I just found that’s what worked for me. So feel free to go ahead and get your true size if you wish. Worse case scenario, you can just exchange them.


What Exactly Do Rehband Knee Sleeves Do?


rehband knee sleeves diagram

It’s without a doubt the best compression knee sleeve!

They make you feel invincible. You can jump off a mountain and the Rehbands would still be fine when you landed. Unfortunately, your body will be part of the landscape – what did you expect?

Seriously though, these knee sleeves aren’t going to propel you to supreme athletic greatness. Your Rehband knee sleeves will ONLY do the following:

  • Support your knees during exercise
  • Keep your knees warm during exercise – the warmth improves blood flow in your knees
  • Give your knees an extra boost when you’re trying to lock out that last superset of squats (you squat often right?)
  • Provide you with a snug fit without the restrictive feeling of knee wraps
  • Prevent knee strains and increase your muscle memory for correct movement
  • Helps with wear and tear while protecting against soft tissue damage from lifting weights

Unfortunately, if you have major knee issues, these sleeves won’t magically correct that. You may need to see a doctor or physical therapist to get that sorted out.


Let’s Talk Pricing

rehband knee sleeves model 7051Quick question, how much does total knee replacement (TKR) surgery cost?

Google it, I’ll wait…



Bet you didn’t think your knee was worth as much as a BMW 3 series. Heck, if you do total knee replacement surgery on both legs that’s a Tesla Model S right there!

You’re probably wondering, “What the hell does this have to do with picking the best compression knee sleeve for squats or exercise?”

Well it actually has a lot to do with the price of these knee sleeves. The Rehband knee sleeves model 7051 cost about $40 per sleeve.

They’re not sold as a pair. You have to buy two, which is about $80 with taxes and what not. Obviously you’re going to need two because…well…two knees, DUH!

Now if you compare that to the cost of total knee replacement surgery, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore right?

The cost of getting Rehbands and protecting your knees now is literally a thousand times cheaper. But of course, you must decide what’s best for your knees.

As I mentioned before, you are more than welcome to purchase some other brand of knee sleeves. They’ll probably last you a few months but at least you’ll save money upfront so you can spend it on beer, Starbucks coffee and takeout – Hooray for savings!

Obviously $80 might seem high (I was skeptical as well), but when you get these Rehband knee sleeves you’ll understand why it costs so much.

By the way, you’ll probably notice a bunch of cheap imitations available. Don’t be fooled by them or get suckered into buying a knockoff. The Rehband knee sleeves are patented and manufactured by skilled professionals.

These are not made assembled in China like your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Mac. They’re well-made knee sleeves from Europe.

If you’re looking for the best compression knee sleeve, the Rehband knee sleeves are proven to be one of the best.


Verdict: Should You Buy It?

rehband knee sleeves blue

In terms of quality, durability, fit and functionality, I think the Rehband knee sleeves are definitely one of the best.

During testing, I liked the tight supportive feeling they gave me. Unlike knee wraps, I didn’t have to keep adjusting these between sets. Once I put them on in the change room, they stayed on for entire time I was at the gym.

I have nothing against knee wraps. I have used them before for my squat routine. But at the end of the routine I was always dying to get them off. They kill circulation like a motherf*#$@r!

With the Rehbands, I didn’t have this problem. And when I went deep in my squats (ass to the grass), it felt like I was stretching the knee sleeves to breaking point and they snapped back to form as I pushed the Rehband knee sleeves for squatsweights back up. It was a weird feeling at first but I’ve since gotten used to it.

The other thing I noticed (and liked) was that my legs didn’t feel tired. My knees were nice and toasty and I felt like I could drop kick Chuck Norris and still be okay.

FYI: no one can drop kick Chuck Norris and survive!

My only two issues with the Rehbands were getting them on and off. Because they fit so tight and the neoprene isn’t really flexible, it felt like I was getting into a wetsuit at first. Those problems aren’t a big deal anymore because I’ve become accustomed to them and learned how to put them on.

There’s just one drawback to these compression sleeves – the price and the way they’re sold. I’d be happy if they were sold for $69.99 a pair. And, if it wasn’t for Rehband’s history and reputation in the fitness world, I’d think $40 each was just another elaborate ponzi scheme.

If you’re on the fence about getting these and money is your only concern, you can either save up a few more dollars or just buy something else. Whatever you do, just get off the damn fence and stop loitering.

I’m not going to tell you how to spend your hard earned cash. That’s up to you to decide.

However, if you’re the type of person who is willing to pay a premium for a quality product from a reputable brand, you should consider the Rehband knee sleeves.



The Rehband brand as whole is really top notch. You don’t have to take my word for it, just visit your local gym or ask around in forums about the Rehband knee sleeves. A lot of folks in the fitness community will tell you why they think it’s the best compression knee sleeve.

Oh and for the record, I paid $39.85 each for my Rehband 7mm knee sleeves model 7051. I didn’t get a freebie product contrary to what many think.

So just know that I’m in the trenches with you when it comes to shopping for compression clothing or gear.

Hopefully you found this article useful. If you did, you can thank your fellow reader Kyle. I probably wouldn’t have checked out this product if he hadn’t reached out to us.



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