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The Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Foods List for Sexy 6-Pack Abs

by C.P. Team

They say that if you want something you can speak it into existence.

Well, if you want abs you can eat it into existence.

Sound crazy? Well it’s true.

That’s why we put together this belly fat burning foods list for you.

You see, the truth about abs that no one tells you about is… you already have them. Under that pillowy soft belly of yours lies a layer of abdominal muscles that are dying to see the light.

And thanks to your diet and allergic reaction to exercise, your abs have remained trapped behind your belly fat.

But there’s good news…

You can get rid of the belly fat that’s suppressing your abs without exercising.

No way. That’s not even possible.

You’re absolutely right. At some point you’re going to have to bust a sweat to strengthen your core. However, that’s only 20% of the battle.

The other 80% depends entirely upon your diet.

You’re going to have to shrink your tummy first before you can focus on your abs. And in order to do that, you need to eat certain foods that burn belly fat.

Right now your refrigerator and pantry are filled with crap. But by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be ready to stock them up with some healthy fat-burning foods.

Before you read the list, there’s a couple things you need to do.

First you’ve to commit to eating a balanced diet. And second, you’ve got to give up all kinds of processed, sugary, and junk food.

Alright. Keep reading to discover the best foods that burn belly fat with healthy amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats.

Belly Fat Burning Foods List

Below you’ll discover 20 foods that burn belly fat. Make sure you read through the entire list to see how they can help with your weight loss goals.

1. Dairy

Yogurt Weight Loss Diet

If you carry most of your weight around your midsection due to bad genetics, don’t despair. You’ve just got to do a little bit more to lose weight.

Products like feta cheese and yogurt are a great place to start. They are rich sources of calcium, which can help you shrink your waistline – assuming you’re not lactose intolerant of course.

Studies have shown that the probiotics in foods like yogurt can help you lose twice as much weight when combined with a proper diet and exercise program.

If you’re having trouble deciding between low-fat or full-fat, choose the latter. You’ll get more nutrients from full-fat dairy products to control your food cravings.

2. Oatmeal

Start your morning off with this heart healthy carb. It’s loaded with fiber to give you a boost of energy until your next meal.

Oats also keep your gut healthy and are filling enough to limit your hunger cravings.

Add it to your diet and enjoy reduced fat, lower cholesterol, and a healthy heart.

Just make sure you shop for the flavorless rolled or steel cut oats instead of flavored processed oats. The latter contains unhealthy sugar and chemicals.

3. Nuts

Unless you have the misfortune of being allergic to nuts, you can enjoy their many benefits. Your heart will love them too.

Not only are they a great source of magnesium, studies have shown that people who snack on nuts have less belly fat.

Maybe it’s because nuts like almonds and walnuts are great sources of healthy fats and protein. Both of which are part of any smart weight loss program.

So if you’re feeling peckish, then grab some nuts. They’ll help you sleep better, control your cravings, and lose weight.

4. Chia and Sunflower Seeds

Chia and sunflower seeds are another excellent way to satisfy your hunger pangs and stop overeating. Both are snack-worthy foods.

Adding them to your diet can improve your digestion, boost your metabolism, and keep your gut healthy.

Chia seeds are also versatile. You can put them in your yogurt, salads, and smoothies for an extra boost of protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

It’s time to plant some seeds in your snack drawer if you want to lose more weight.

5. Apples

Delicious Apples for Weight Loss

Apples do more than keep the probing doctor away. They help keep belly fat away too!

Since you were a kid you’ve known that apples are one of the best weight loss foods. It fills you up and hits you with a bunch of healthy fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Studies have even shown that people who snack on apples tend to consume less calories than those who don’t. They’re even great in salads too.

The only reason apples get a bad rep is because Eve messed around and bit one many moons ago… or so it was written.

6. Berries

In the battle against belly fat, berries are an essential part of your arsenal.

Blueberries, strawberries, etc, contain a certain compound called polyphenol. Without getting too scientific, it’s just a little sum-sum that can help you lose weight.

They’re also a powerful natural source of antioxidants which, as you know, does wonderful things for your gut.

In addition to all that, berries contain less sugar than other fruits and they have the ability to prevent fat from forming. Shut. The. Front. Door!

7. Avocados

Before you get on avocado hate train, consider this…

A single avocado can keep your hunger pangs away because it fills you up. You get a hearty dose of fiber, folic acid, and healthy fats.

Yes it’s high in fat but we’re not talking cheeseburger fat. It’s the low saturated fat without any cholesterol or sodium.

To enjoy the weight loss benefits of avocados you just have to vary the amount you eat each week.

8. Lemons

Detox anyone? Lemons are at your service.

You already know that an unhealthy gut can lead to a ton of issues like obesity, depression, and arthritis. This is usually a result of the buildup of toxins in your body.

Lemons help you avoid all that nonsense because their acidity cleanses your gut and helps you burn fat faster than other fruits.

Don’t be afraid to buy a lemon or two. It’s one purchase you won’t regret.

9. Eggs

Eggs Can Help Burn Belly Fat

Contrary to most expert advice, you don’t need egg whites to lose weight and burn fat.

Like weed, experts got it wrong with eggs. They thought it was bad for your cholesterol. But the real culprits were saturated and trans fats.

Eggs are an amazing source of protein and omega 3s. And they are way better than those lame bagels you get with your morning coffee.

In fact, one weight loss study showed that people who ate at least two eggs instead of bagels for breakfast lost 65% more weight.

So if you want to reduce your waistline, it’s time you fell back in love with eggs.

10. Fish

If you want a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s time to go under the sea.

Studies have shown that a low-calorie diet with just a few servings of cod can help you lose an extra 4 pounds. That’s way more than a diet with similar calories minus the fish.

And just in case you forgot, the nutrients in fish also reduce inflammation in your gut and boost your metabolic rate.

All of those things are essential to shedding stubborn belly fat.

11. Lean Meats

Maybe you’re not a fish person or can’t swim. That’s cool. You can get your protein fix from land animals.

But you can’t just eat anything you like. Most of the stuff you think is good is probably junk.

The secret is to only eat those lean meats. We’re talking about foods like organic or skinless chicken breast, grass-fed beef, turkey, lamb, and pork chops.

Just remember to combine them with healthy vegetables and whole grains for a fat-reducing balanced diet.

12. Peanut Butter

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Well not exactly. The peanut butter is fine but the jelly’s got to go.

Yes peanut butter has a ton of calories and some people get hooked on it like phonics. However, it’s got protein and healthy fats that can help you lose weight.

Ever heard of the peanut butter diet? It’s real.

As long as you consume it in moderation and don’t exceed your daily dietary limit, peanut butter can help with your weight loss goals.

13. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Belly Fat Burning Foods List

When it comes to veggies, the dark, green and leafy ones are super healthy.

You can eat as many of them you want without ever worrying about calories. That’s because they’re packed with nothing but antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and other healthy nutrients.

On top of losing belly fat, you also get the benefits of increased metabolism, a healthy gut, and hunger control.

Kale, broccoli, spinach, arugula, and good ole collard greens are all examples of amazingly nutritious green veggies.

14. Beetroot

Beets are another superfood that you’ve probably never eaten. As a result you’re missing out on all of it’s fiber, folic acid, calcium, potassium, protein, and vitamins (A, C).

Each of those nutrients means this healthy food can boost your stamina and help you burn calories faster. Especially if you’re doing some form of exercise.

You can also drink beet juice to detoxify your blood and infuse it with a healthy shot of minerals and natural sugars.

15. White Potatoes

People are very salty these days aren’t they?

Maybe they should eat some potatoes and chill. No seriously. Potatoes are a great food to eat if you want to balance your sodium levels.

On top of the healthy dose of potassium, potatoes are also packed with fiber. That means you don’t have to worry about bloating or hunger.

Potatoes have always been a nutrient-rich food that’s great for you. Just don’t put them in a deep fryer or steal them from the Irish.

16. Quinoa

It’s crazy how little attention quinoa gets. You’d think a fiber and protein-rich food with a low glycemic index would receive healthy praise.

All of those things are essential to losing weight. Throw in the fact that it reduces your appetite and it’s easy to see why more people are adding quinoa to their diets.

You’ll also be surprised to know that quinoa is not a grain. It actually has close ties to beets, chard and spinach. Go figure.

So if you’re looking for another source of antioxidants and healthy carbs for your weight loss meals, grab some quinoa the next time you’re out grocery shopping.

17. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate to Lose Weight

Darkness ladies and gentlemen. Darkness is spreading!

You don’t have to get that reference. But you do need to know that cocoa has been proven to prevent weight gain and increase weight loss.

That’s because of the antioxidants, which help your gut break down dark chocolate into healthy compounds that fight against inflammation and insulin resistance.

Clearly you’re smart enough to know that making a chocolate cake or eating chocolate ice-cream is not the same as eating a piece of natural dark chocolate.

18. Beans

If you want to stop yourself from overeating, beans can totally help.

Vegetarians already use beans as a source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fiber. That’s because you can pretty much add them to any meal. Hmm… those vegetarians are a sneaky bunch.

And since beans stay in your gut a bit longer, you’ll reap the benefits of it’s resistant starch. That’s a fat-burning carb that’s great for weight loss.

Unlike most foods, you can choose from a variety of different beans to add to your diet. Try making some black bean soup, it’s da bomb!

19. Cayenne Peppers

These are one of the best foods that burn fat. They’ve got a ton of vitamin C and another special ingredient – capsaicin (cap-say-sin).

Capsaicin boosts your metabolism so your body can shred fat fast. It’s also capable of reducing your hunger cravings.

Obviously you’re not going to just sit there and eat a bunch of cayenne peppers. Some people do but they’re accustomed to it. You however, should add it to your eggs, salads or meals.

If you’re serious about losing stubborn belly fat, don’t overlook this impressive little pepper.

20. Daal

If you’re a fan of exotic food or you have diverse friends, you’ve probably heard of daal before.

This food is part of the Indian culture. It’s usually made in a soup form using either beans, peas, or lentils.

What makes daal so special is it’s ability to lower your risk of a heart attack and control your blood sugar levels.

Given the amount of protein and vitamin B it offers, it’s no secret why vegetarians and dieters love this superfood.

Final Thoughts

You now have a list of 20 foods that burn belly fat. All you have to do is combine or add them to your diet using a variety of healthy recipes.

Remember, no matter how many sit-ups or crunches you do, the battle for abs is won in the kitchen.

So if you want those sleek sexy abs to finally reveal themselves and replace your stubborn belly fat, you have to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Before you go, don’t forget to share this belly fat burning foods list with your friends. You know they’ll love it. So use the buttons below to spread the word.


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