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Avoid Devastating Knee Injuries With A Compression Knee Sleeve

by C.P. Team

What’s a common injury in sports, daily activity or aging?

If you guessed anything to do with the knee, you are correct.

Now this doesn’t make back injuries or any other kind of injury less significant.

However, you need not look further than sports to see a busted MCL, ACL or some other cartilage issue happening.

Is there any way to know when you will sustain a knee injury?

Probably not.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to protect your knee and try to prevent potential injuries.

If you want to be proactive about your knee health, you might consider buying a compression knee sleeve. It can help to protect and support you at work, during exercise or when playing a sport.

In this article we’ll discuss what they are, their benefits, and when they are worn.


What Are Knee Sleeves?

compression knee sleeveLooking at the image of the woman, you may have already figured out what a knee sleeve is.

Essentially, the knee sleeve is created from fabric like neoprene and you put it on like a sock but pull it up and over your knee.

The most common reason people use knee sleeves are for mobility and reduction of pain or swelling. These issues usually stem from sprains, inflamed muscle tissue or a sore patella.

For non-intensive injuries, knee sleeves can provide stabilization and protection from potential injuries.

Some people confuse it with a knee brace. But those are created to support and protect surgically repaired knees.

You will notice that weightlifters, warehouse workers, runners, and even normal people use knee sleeves.

They understand how strenuous activities can affect their knees and they are proactive about it.


How To Use Knee Sleeves

(Courtesy of Livestrong)

5 Benefits Of Wearing A Compression Knee Sleeve

1. Blood Flow

If you have worn compression sleeves or socks then you know that enhanced blood flow is great.

Knee sleeves are no exception.

If you wear them before or after workouts or other activity, your recovery may feel much better. Unless you have a serious knee injury, minor pains and swelling also tends to be reduced.

2. Warmth

Our bodies just seem to work better when it’s nice and warm.

You warm up before gym, you drink coffee to warm up or you engage in yoga.

Well a knee sleeve provides warmth to the knee, which helps when it is in a constant bending motion.

If you live in a seasonal state, winter weather starts to irritate joints in the legs. Using a compression sleeve to manage that irritation is a great solution.

3. Relief

Perhaps you get aches because you lift heavy items, try to squat 300 lbs, or are just getting old like us.

Based on the number of people that suffer from knee related issues in America, relief is highly coveted.

With knee sleeves you begin to appreciate the relief when you experience reduced pain from problems like rheumatism.

4. Mobility

No one wants to be limited by any part of their body.

Compression around the knee helps the range of movement so that you don’t have to grimace every time you move.

There are many stories of people with or without surgery who have used knee support to improve their mobility.

Judging by their efforts, its safe to say these knee sleeves are a wise investment.

5. Stabilization

The design of knee sleeves keeps the patella and other parts of the knee stable throughout activities.

For instance, athletes that jump, run or move a lot create force directed to the knees. These movements can create long-term issues if you aren’t proactive early on.

However, compression might not be the answer for everything.

Making changes to a routine or strengthen the knee through exercise is also a great way to prevent future injury and maintain stability.


Things To Consider When Buying Knee Sleeves

  • Purpose – Sleeves can be used for a number a number of activities. Golfing, weightlifting, running, or whatever you need them for. The decision will be based on your needs.This will also determine the material or type that you need. Materials like neoprene or polyester are great for providing warmth to the knee.
  • Size – As with all things compression, knowing your size is key. If the knee sleeves are poorly fitted, then they will do nothing but add an extra garment to your knees.Make sure you take the correct measurement of your knee and review the sizing charts provided by brands.

    If you have to constantly keep adjusting your knee sleeve, its probably the wrong size. Some brands may be different so don’t assume one size is consistent across all products.

  • Type – You will notice that there are different kinds of sleeves available.Open knee sleeves have a gap that reveals the patella when the sleeve is on. This means that moderate compression is applied and the knee is ventilated.

    For warmth and total knee coverage, complete or closed knee sleeves are ideal. They provide more compression and support than open sleeves.

    The final type is a padded knee sleeve. These have sewn in padding that can protect your knee from contact. This is very helpful if minor bumps agitate your knee or if you play a contact sport. They also have more compression than open knee sleeves.


Final Thoughts

Remember to check with your doctor for any severe knee issues.

If your knees have minor aches and pains due to strenuous activity, a compression knee sleeve might help.

Check out our reviews for more information.

BTW, this isn’t a fashion statement (although we know many will ignore this).

Only use knee sleeves if you need them.


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